Girl, What’s Your Summer Secret?

Towards the end of 2016 I had my first run in with the big scary "C" word cancer. Luckily for me I was able to recognize that my skin was looking abnormal near my belly button fairly quickly and had the growth removed within a few weeks of first noticing it. Although I joke about... Continue Reading →


Defending the Dreads

I've seen countless stories on Facebook regarding the discrimination that people who have dreads face. As much as it has angered, confused, or saddened me in the past NOTHING (absolutely nothing) gets my feelings all jumbled up the way they do when I witness my boyfriend experience discrimination firsthand. Most people, whether they want to... Continue Reading →

It’s Not About You, It’s About Love

T-minus eight hours (give or take) until our timelines across social media platforms will be flooded with Valentine's Day posts. Every year, without fail, I could bet money on seeing handfuls of statuses, snap stories, tweets... etc. filled with posts that condemn the holiday followed with whiny, self-pity parties thrown by single people across the... Continue Reading →

Stylin’ Secrets Straight From LA

It is no secret that Los Angeles is known for it's entertainment scene, however, the metropolis is also gaining fast attraction in the fashion industry. I stumbled upon the online boutique Gone Fashion and instantly was able to tell that they were working with the latest designers to stay two steps ahead of the fashion... Continue Reading →

Let Your Haters Be Your Motivators 

Hey guys - Ashlyn here! I'm back at it again with my second opportunity to collaborate with a local clothing designer/clothing line. It's been such a cool experience to learn about the big things that people in my own community are passionate about, broaden my network, and get to know the designers on a more... Continue Reading →

The Man Behind Manteca Clothing

The infamous Javier Lasso, better known as "Panama," started a local clothing line titled Manteca Clothing late last year. Although based out of Wichita, Kansas this clothing line holds legends and Panamanian pride within it's threads.  Panama, who works as the brand's owner, designer, and creator found a unique way to tell his story, showcase his... Continue Reading →

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