Turmoil in Texas {Ashlyn the Austonaut Update}

Greetings from Austin, everybody!

The past two weeks sure haven’t been all rainbows, butterflies, and sunshine down here. (Well, actually there has been plennnnntyyy of sunshine. With temperatures most days exceeding 105 degrees, but that’s beside the point.) A few days after signing off on my last post my boyfriend and I found ourselves in a hotel room feeling defeated and depleted.

My boyfriend and I moved down here with paperwork from an apartment complex stating we had been approved and were ready to move in on August 11th. The morning of August 11th we walked into the leasing office barely able to contain our excitement because “holy shit we are about to be REAL LIVE AUSTIN, TEXAS RESIDENTS!” only to be told that the office mishandled some paperwork and was missing my rental history from my previous complex. Looooooonnngg story short my previous apartment complex in Wichita never sent my full renters history and the complex here in Austin had a waitlist for our apartment so we received a lovely phone call that our apartment was no longer ours and they were moving on to the next in line and we wouldn’t receive any of our money back for up to 30 days. *cue the hysterical mental breakdown on my end*

We were in total disbelief. Everything had gone so smooth up until that point and for the next week it seemed like every door that opened instantly slammed shut in our faces or had snakes disguised as friends living behind it. I’ll spare y’all the not so juicy roommate drama.

We found ourselves in a hotel room for a couple of days while (not so) patiently waiting for an answered prayer. Not only were we living out of a hotel room that was on the opposite side of the city from our jobs, but we also had my 95 pound pitbull, Wiz with us too. (Who has absolutely no idea what hotel etiquette is and cried and barked at every little noise and heaven forbid we try to leave him alone in the hotel room. That was an instant guarantee for ear-splitting “I miss my mommy” puppy howls). Then to make the situation even trickier, my boyfriends car broke down on his way to work not even a full 12 hours after checking into the hotel.

We spent our days at the hotel trying to remain positive. I remember trying to act like we were on vacation even though on the inside I felt like my whole idea of living in Austin was blowing up right before my very eyes.

While on the side of the road in 110 degree heat trying to sign up for AAA towing memberships my boyfriend and I were at our wits end. In between my boyfriend trying to stop my tears and back and forth phone calls to a towing service our phones charmed with an email notification THAT WE HAD BEEN APPROVED FOR OUR NEW APARTMENT!

Flash forward to now and we are happily all moved into our new home in an even better location than the first (and a better price, HOLLA). My dog, Wiz, can chill out (& my boyfriend and I can also chill out) knowing that this is our final destination on this month long journey of getting settled in and having a place to call home.

I am really proud of not only myself and the strength and courage it took to get to this point, but I’m really proud of my boyfriend as well. He has diligently held us down by busting his butt day in and day out with no complaints to make sure we have a future here in Austin. Most importantly, I’m thankful for his faith in God. I can’t tell you how many times he’s prayed with me and for me since moving down here.

We are too blessed to be stressed. Sometimes things unfold differently than we expect them to. It’s important to remember to keep faith not only when things are all rainbows and butterflies, but when things get rocky as well. You just never know the storyline God has already written for you and it was a good reminder to us both that we just have to Let go and let God!

We are currently working on an Austin food blog with our favorite spots to eat AND a video vlog coming to YouTube SOON! Stay tuned!

Thanks for being a part of our journey.

Much love,

Ashlyn “the official” Austonaut


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