It’s Not About You, It’s About Love

T-minus eight hours (give or take) until our timelines across social media platforms will be flooded with Valentine’s Day posts. Every year, without fail, I could bet money on seeing handfuls of statuses, snap stories, tweets… etc. filled with posts that condemn the holiday followed with whiny, self-pity parties thrown by single people across the globe.

What could possibly be worse than being single on Valentine’s Day!? Right!? Now, this blog isn’t to bash anyone.. I myself could plead guilty for having thrown myself the biggest pity parties of them all on social media from time to time. But ladies and gentlemen, listen up!

Instead of posting sad, self-pitying posts tomorrow out of frustration that (heaven-forbid) you didn’t get a bouquet of roses, candy, a date, or even about how “single as a pringle” you are for the unpteenth year in a row.. let’s instead reclaim the holiday of love our own selves.

Because let’s face it, Rupaul himself said it best! “If you don’t love yourself, how in the hell are you gonna love anybody else?” Totally a cliché thing to say, but the catchy phrase holds so much truth behind it’s words.

And honestly, if you think about it Valentine’s Day is truly a “hallmark” holiday. Sure it’s fun, and no one can deny they love being spoiled for the day by a loved one. However, if you’re riding solo this holiday then make it a priority to spend the day focused on loving yourself and the people around you a little extra. I promise it’ll bring you more joy than wallowing in sadness with a “poor me – I hate this holiday” attitude.

I tried this theory for myself last year, when for the first time in my “dating” life I found myself single. I woke up early, treated myself to a homemade breakfast, blared Mariah Carey throughout my apartment and set out on my journey for the day; to make myself and everyone around me feel loved.

The best part? I didn’t even spend any money! (Okay, scratchthat.. I definitely bought myself a white chocolate mocha to treat myself… but still) My happiness did not revolve around waiting on someone else to shower me with love – and yours shouldn’t either. I spent the day thankful for the lovely friends by my side, my family and the outpouring love that they have consistently provided, and the newfound love I discovered I had for myself.

This year I plan to take it a step farther and spread all the love my heart can muster up. This is my challenge to my readers as well, if ya’ll are up for it! Tomorrow let’s spread little random acts of kindness throughout America. Let’s remind each other that even though there is plenty of bad in the world that there is still just as much good. Hold the door open for someone, pay for the coffee of whoever is behind you in line, love the people who are a little hard to love sometimes a little harder, and strive to make every person you come in contact with feel your love, compassion, and joy. The holiday is all about what we make it!

I better not see any sappy statuses tomorrow. This holiday isn’t about you, it’s about love and love conquers all.

Goodnight folks, we’ve got big things do to tomorrow! Is your heart ready? I know mine is!

P.S. we are on day closer to chocolate being 50% off 🤷🏼‍♀️

Ashlyn Sullivan 💗

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