#AshlynInProgress, Rants & Raves

Past Eight: Rediscovering Ashlyn / Part Two

"MAYBE THE JOURNEY ISN'T SO MUCH ABOUT BECOMING ANYTHING. MAYBE IT IS ABOUT UNBECOMING EVERYTHING THAT ISN'T REALLY YOU SO YOU CAN BE WHO YOU WERE MEANT TO BE IN THE FIRST PLACE." I have a really frustrating capability to love others more than I love my own self. This capability can be overwhelming and… Continue reading Past Eight: Rediscovering Ashlyn / Part Two

#AshlynInProgress, Rants & Raves

Past Eight: Rediscovering Ashlyn / Part One

I've had a lot of people reach out to me over the past eight months asking when my next blog update would be, if I would blog about the break up, my new life, or the challenges I faced over the past few months.  I decided to wait until I found the right words to… Continue reading Past Eight: Rediscovering Ashlyn / Part One


Tonsillectomy: Home Stretch

Phew. I made it guys. I lived. I survived tonsillectomy 2015. Sunday night I saw no light at the end of the tunnel, but now I am here. I definitely wouldn't have made it through this without the help of all my family. Especially my mother & grandpa. They're seriously heroes. On Monday I switched… Continue reading Tonsillectomy: Home Stretch


#CouldYouNot: A response to today’s “Daily Prompt”

Today the daily post, wich you can click on here -> http://wordpress.com/read/post/id/489937/71980/, has asked us what makes us tick.I was trying to narrow down just one thing that makes me go kaboom and instantly get irritated.. But then realized there are actually quite a few...Here are my top pet peeves:NUMBER ONE: I really really really cannot stand hearing other… Continue reading #CouldYouNot: A response to today’s “Daily Prompt”

My Babies

Meet Scarlett

Yesterday I had bought two baby rats to feed to our two baby snakes just like any other week. I brought them home, put each snake in it's own separate cardboard box and dropped the rats in. It was no big deal, and by that I mean I hadn't started crying yet from heartbreak, until… Continue reading Meet Scarlett