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Past Eight: Rediscovering Ashlyn / Part Two

"MAYBE THE JOURNEY ISN'T SO MUCH ABOUT BECOMING ANYTHING. MAYBE IT IS ABOUT UNBECOMING EVERYTHING THAT ISN'T REALLY YOU SO YOU CAN BE WHO YOU WERE MEANT TO BE IN THE FIRST PLACE." I have a really frustrating capability to love others more than I love my own self. This capability can be overwhelming and… Continue reading Past Eight: Rediscovering Ashlyn / Part Two


#CouldYouNot: A response to today’s “Daily Prompt”

Today the daily post, wich you can click on here -> http://wordpress.com/read/post/id/489937/71980/, has asked us what makes us tick.I was trying to narrow down just one thing that makes me go kaboom and instantly get irritated.. But then realized there are actually quite a few...Here are my top pet peeves:NUMBER ONE: I really really really cannot stand hearing other… Continue reading #CouldYouNot: A response to today’s “Daily Prompt”

Rants & Raves


After being a server for three years now, I feel as though I have developed plenty of new pet peeves. Here are a few of the biggest "Waitress Problems" I encounter on almost a daily basis. Hopefully, after reading this you can either relate as a fellow server, or (hopefully) you can remember these next… Continue reading #WaitressProbs