Shut Your Mouth. Open Your Heart. 

Today while at work I was helping a customer who knew very little English. I was helping him to the best of my abilities and my limited Spanish speaking skills came out to play. During our interaction we were both laughing; him at my broken Spanish and me at myself because I knew I sounded... Continue Reading →


Tonsillectomy: Home Stretch

Phew. I made it guys. I lived. I survived tonsillectomy 2015. Sunday night I saw no light at the end of the tunnel, but now I am here. I definitely wouldn't have made it through this without the help of all my family. Especially my mother & grandpa. They're seriously heroes. On Monday I switched... Continue Reading →

Tonsillectomy: Day 5 – 7

*insert random cuss words here* The past few days have been absolutely AWFUL. So awful that on several different occasions I was considering how much it would cost to hire a hit man to come and finish me off. (Keep in mind I was also on narcotic pain meds & they make you have some... Continue Reading →

Tonsillectomy: Day 2 – 4

Everyone that I talked to before getting my tonsils out told me that it was the worst surgery they had ever had.. & now I'm starting to believe them. My mom's friend said she would rather deliver 10 babies without pain medication than to ever go through a tonsillectomy ever again. I've never given birth,... Continue Reading →

Tonsillectomy: Surgery Day

DAY OF SURGERY: I have had a lot of time on my hands the past few days & I just recently (thanks to my mom) found blogs on here about people's tonsillectomy experiences. Is it weird that reading other people's horror stories help make me feel better? I sure hope not. Anywho, this blog is... Continue Reading →

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