Past Eight: Rediscovering Ashlyn / Part Two

"MAYBE THE JOURNEY ISN'T SO MUCH ABOUT BECOMING ANYTHING. MAYBE IT IS ABOUT UNBECOMING EVERYTHING THAT ISN'T REALLY YOU SO YOU CAN BE WHO YOU WERE MEANT TO BE IN THE FIRST PLACE." I have a really frustrating capability to love others more than I love my own self. This capability can be overwhelming and... Continue Reading →


Tonsillectomy: Day 5 – 7

*insert random cuss words here* The past few days have been absolutely AWFUL. So awful that on several different occasions I was considering how much it would cost to hire a hit man to come and finish me off. (Keep in mind I was also on narcotic pain meds & they make you have some... Continue Reading →

Tonsillectomy: Day 2 – 4

Everyone that I talked to before getting my tonsils out told me that it was the worst surgery they had ever had.. & now I'm starting to believe them. My mom's friend said she would rather deliver 10 babies without pain medication than to ever go through a tonsillectomy ever again. I've never given birth,... Continue Reading →

Tonsillectomy: Surgery Day

DAY OF SURGERY: I have had a lot of time on my hands the past few days & I just recently (thanks to my mom) found blogs on here about people's tonsillectomy experiences. Is it weird that reading other people's horror stories help make me feel better? I sure hope not. Anywho, this blog is... Continue Reading →

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