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Depression: It Just Ain’t Cute.Β 

I've been struggling with depression since 2008 when I first got diagnosed as clinically depressed. Since 2008, I have had to fight mental battles and mentally trek through war zones within my own mind. I've mastered "depression boot camps" full of counseling, group therapy, and self-love activities. I've survived mental war zones that left me… Continue reading Depression: It Just Ain’t Cute.Β 

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Age Gaps.Β 

   I remember sitting in Mrs. Roberts Spanish class during fourth hour my Sophomore year of high school. It was the day that my mom and stepdad were finding out the gender of their first baby together. As soon as the class bell rang I heard my name being called over the intercom to come… Continue reading Age Gaps.Β 

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Ridiculous Relationship Goals

It seems as though every time I log onto Facebook, twitter, and instagram I am flooded with "relationship goals." I will admit that I usually open the articles & read through them (but not without at least four eye rolls and five sighs). I will also admit... that I have let those "relationship goals" effect… Continue reading Ridiculous Relationship Goals

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I’m Not Going To School For An Education

Last night my professor started out class by saying "I'm sure none of you are here because you wanted to take this class for fun. I am also pretty sure that none of you are taking this class just to learn something new, but instead because it is required of you." I tend to overthink… Continue reading I’m Not Going To School For An Education

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A Blog: We’re NOT expecting & why it’s weird that I have to defend myself for not being pregnant at 19.

Β I already know that this post will raise some controversy, especially with the facebook timeline that I have. First off, I would just like to state that this post is NOT about bashing teen moms, young married couples, or any other walk of life. I applaud you all. I cannot imagine the amount of work… Continue reading A Blog: We’re NOT expecting & why it’s weird that I have to defend myself for not being pregnant at 19.

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Are you alive or just breathing?

I stumbled across this quote the other day & it really stuck with me. Lately I have been going through life "just breathing" and not actually being "alive." I get so caught up in my day to day routine. School, work, homework, sleep, try to eat somewhere in between all of that, add in some… Continue reading Are you alive or just breathing?


Green Tea Frappe

If you have ever tried Starbucks's Green Tea Frappe then you're probably just as hooked as I am! Even though the frappe's are extremely good and completely addicting.. They're expensive. I don't have 6 bucks to dish out several times a week on a frappe that takes me 30 minutes max to drink. So it… Continue reading Green Tea Frappe

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New beginnings

I am starting this week with a new mindset & beginning a journey to find myself again. I am so excited & I can only hope that this feeling of empowerment and inspiration will carry on through out the week as I push myself to be a better me than I was the day before.… Continue reading New beginnings

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“Don’t let stupid little things break your happiness”

I'm seeing lots of broken people on my blogs time line this morning. Granted, I do follow some severe tags such as suicide, depression, & self-harm. I follow these tags on purpose though and check them both in the morning and at night so that I can share some of my light with those who… Continue reading “Don’t let stupid little things break your happiness”

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Shedding the light onto self-harm.

Well, I have probably started this blog about 15 times now and still can't seem to figure out how it is that I want to go about this. I want to share my story, but I also don't want people to judge me. I want to help people and shine some light where there is… Continue reading Shedding the light onto self-harm.