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Past Eight: Rediscovering Ashlyn / Part Two

"MAYBE THE JOURNEY ISN'T SO MUCH ABOUT BECOMING ANYTHING. MAYBE IT IS ABOUT UNBECOMING EVERYTHING THAT ISN'T REALLY YOU SO YOU CAN BE WHO YOU WERE MEANT TO BE IN THE FIRST PLACE." I have a really frustrating capability to love others more than I love my own self. This capability can be overwhelming and… Continue reading Past Eight: Rediscovering Ashlyn / Part Two

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If You Loved Me Like You Love Alcohol

*****ORIGINALLY POSTED ON MY OTHER BLOG SITE, BUT IT WON'T LET ME REBLOG IT ONTO THIS ONE***** Dear Father, If you loved me like you loved alcohol then I would be the first thought on your brain in the morning. You would wake up and instead of grabbing a beer, you would grab your phone… Continue reading If You Loved Me Like You Love Alcohol

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Shedding the light onto self-harm.

Well, I have probably started this blog about 15 times now and still can't seem to figure out how it is that I want to go about this. I want to share my story, but I also don't want people to judge me. I want to help people and shine some light where there is… Continue reading Shedding the light onto self-harm.