An Open Letter to Incoming College Freshmen.

Dear incoming college freshman,  First off CONGRATULATIONS on getting accepted into your choice of college and surviving highschool. These next nine months are going to be filled with laughter, sleepless nights, countless hours of study sessions, tears, long drives home, getting lost, eating mac and cheese for two weeks straight, parties, keg stands, your first... Continue Reading →


I Should Have Just Painted My Toenails. 

What kind of title is that? Read on to find out...  So if you know me, you know how awkward I can be... At everything. I should just have awko taco stamped on my forehead.  Today is a prime example of how "adulting" is going in the "awkward Ashlyn" world.   Yesterday I noticed that... Continue Reading →

Age Gaps. 

   I remember sitting in Mrs. Roberts Spanish class during fourth hour my Sophomore year of high school. It was the day that my mom and stepdad were finding out the gender of their first baby together. As soon as the class bell rang I heard my name being called over the intercom to come... Continue Reading →

Beyond Blessed.

I am on cloud nine this morning! God is so good. I awoke this morning to my cell phone ringing with a number that I did not recognize. Upon answering I heard the familiar voice of Sheelu, the director of financial aide at Wichita State University. Sheelu first invited me into her office back in... Continue Reading →

To Those Graduating

Man, I remember two years ago I was graduating. Stressed out about who all was going to come to my graduation party because there was about 18 others going on the same day as mine. I remember stressing out about what I was going to wear under my graduation gown. I remember crying because I... Continue Reading →

You’re Not Cute.

Another rant too long for a Facebook status. Every day it seems as if I scroll through my timeline of facebook, twitter, & instagram and catch myself saying "that's not cute" in my head. No, I am not talking about looks. I am talking about attitudes, modesty, & lifestyles. For example: saw this on Facebook... Continue Reading →

15 Minutes of Fame

"In the future everyone will have their fifteen minutes of fame." - Andy Warhol First of all, let me just say "WOW!"  When I wrote the blog post "I am not Dating a Racial Slur" I wrote it to vent about my frustration after a lousy night at work. Never EVER in a million years... Continue Reading →

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