The Man Behind Manteca Clothing

The infamous Javier Lasso, better known as “Panama,” started a local clothing line titled Manteca Clothing late last year. Although based out of Wichita, Kansas this clothing line holds legends and Panamanian pride within it’s threads. 

Panama, who works as the brand’s owner, designer, and creator found a unique way to tell his story, showcase his talent, and amplify urban fashion to the next level through his clothing line, Manteca Clothing. Although he officially launched and sold his first piece of merchandise on November 3rd of 2016, the story of Manteca clothing and the man behind it all started in 1903. 

You might be wondering “How in the world is that possible?” The significance of the year 1903 comes from Panama gaining their independence from Columbia. The trippy // cool part? Independence for the country was established on November 3rd, the same day as Manteca creator’s birthday and launch date. Essentially this is the date Javier claims the whole idea behind the Manteca clothing brand began and it is just now starting to manifest itself. 

Taking a closer look at the brand and the legends behind it you’ll notice that the tags on all apparel items have the Panamanian gold frog on them (several other apparel items feature and incorporate the frog in the design as well). The gold frog is to Panama what the bald eagle is to America. The Panamanian gold frog is majestically incorporated into historical legends in Panama as it is believed that when a gold frog goes into the ground it is manifests itself into real gold. Magical, right? 

Not only does the brand Manteca Clothing have a unique and in-depth story behind it, the creator behind it all does as well. The man behind the brand Manteca Clothing is a legend himself. Javier doesn’t allow setbacks, circumstances, or barriers interfere with his visions. Javier first came to America from Panama with his parents at the age of ten. The joy was short lived when, at the age of fifteen, both of his parents were deported. Javier, aka Panama, was able to turn this roadblock in his life into stepping stones for his future. Panama has survived and conquered losing his parents, growing up in a foreign land, homelessness, and battles with the legal system. For every setback there is a come up and that is what this brand is all about to Panama, telling his story, expressing himself creatively, and remaining the flysest in the streets with his urban street wear line. 

“Everyone says “I want to be happy” but no one is willing to put in the work.” 

 Panama’s clothing line Manteca Clothing has been nothing but successful thus far, with no plans of slowing down any time soon. Currently he has two collections out which can be viewed and purchased on his website. I had the pleasure of being able to rep a t-shirt from his Drug Thugs collection. 

The man doesn’t just stop there with the fashion line… oh no.. he’s got jackets, hats, bandanas, and flannels too. Down below I’m wearing one of his exclusive jean jackets that he designed by hand and his CultureVulture Killer hat. 

The styles are fun, versatile, and can be rocked by both men and women. The Manteca white tee’s had me feeling like a total bad-ass babe and had Jron looking like he was about to drop another flame mixtape.

Not only does he offer dope designs, his products are made with some serious quality. I was amazed at how “upscale” his white tee’s even felt. I felt as though they are thicker than most white tee’s and feel like something that’s still going to look brand new after more than five washes. (Which is always good news!)

Killin’ Em All – Fall Collection

Catch his new “Killin Em All” Collection (PRE ORDERS START TODAY) and be on the lookout as Manteca Clothing appears in the Space Station soon! #ShopLocal 
*Special thanks to Javier Lasso for trusting me to hear his story and rep his brand on my fashion blog launch. Stay tuned for more collaborations from us in the future. 

* Also special thanks and huge shoutout to Jron Hardyway (aka @dreadlocshawty) for standing in a sunflower field in 90 degree weather to get the dopest pictures of the clothing line, for believing in me, and always being down to do some crazy sh*t. While you’re at it check out his music

Thank you to everyone else who helped make this blog launch happen! Including my little sis, Corynne ❤️

Much love,

Ashlyn Sullivan

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Manteca Clothing – CLICK HERE



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