Put into a position I never predicted,

The Lord called and said it was time for my visions to be shifted. 

On the run with no place to reside, 

You got me out in the open with no where to hide.

Contemplating on reverting back to my old ways,

Sending my prayers up to God that this too is just a phase. 

Self-inflicted wounds used to cause the pain to subside,

God, when the temptation is great in you I’m learning to reside. 

I’m only a fragment of the me that I once knew, 

“Love yourself first, girl” always proves to be true. 

When my days are appearing to be consecutively grey,

I must remember to turn up towards the sky and pray.

I strayed from the path trying to do things on my own, 

But to no great surprise my plans were greatly overthrown. 

Now I’m trusting in him to point me in the right direction,

The Lord answered, “start first by needing no man’s affection.”

So now I’m on my own.

Time for me to figure out what it’s really like to be alone. 

Being by myself used to be my biggest fear,

But to His plan I’m trying to adhere.

Done wasting time, so I’m finally doing what’s best for myself .

Going through the pain and trying to get to know thyself.

Flipping through the word & it appeared God already wrote my story.

I’m constantly having to remind myself to give Him all the glory. 

Above all else I’m guarding my heart.

It’s time to flip the page and take advantage of this fresh start. 

I don’t feel so broken any longer. 

Thankful that because of Him I’m able to come back stronger.

Feeling super nervous because I never take credit for poetry I write nor is it something I ever share.. sooo let me know if y’all wanna see more or if this is cheesy and stupid and I should stick to blogging. 


– Ashlyn 



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