I Should Have Just Painted My Toenails. 

What kind of title is that? Read on to find out… 

So if you know me, you know how awkward I can be… At everything. I should just have awko taco stamped on my forehead. 

Today is a prime example of how “adulting” is going in the “awkward Ashlyn” world.  

Yesterday I noticed that I was out of socks and so I thought to myself that I should probably do the laundry I’ve been dreading for weeks. (Or! I could just paint my toenails and rock some cute gladiators) 

After careful consideration (….and after noticing I only have like three pairs of clean panties left) I decided to head to the laundry mat. Prior to this morning I have always done my laundry at my mom’s house or at my apartment’s laundry room. I had no idea the treat I was in for. 

My first mistake was going alone.. At 7:30 in the morning.. (I was just trying to be independent!)  The 24 hour laundry mat is apparently home to a lot of homeless people at this time. (No judgement, it makes sense) 

I found a seat and pulled out my homework after starting the wash (which, btw, I forgot laundry detergent so I had to buy some from the laundry mat for 75¢ a pop) At this point I’m a little discouraged but still proud of myself for getting out of bed to do laundry before class… When this guy starts whispering in a chant-like state “smoke the reefer.” 
After being freaked the F out (and asked for money and my cellphone a handful of times) I decided to pack up my homework (that clearly wasn’t getting done) and go stand by the washing machine to check the progress of my clothes. That’s when I saw this :

So now all eyes are on me as I’m pulling my feather coated clothes and blankets out of the washer. One guy cracks up and says it looked like I murdered a chicken. 

In my head I think “okay, no big deal I’ll just sweep up the mess.” 



So now I am on my way back home with clean clothes, a good story, and lots and lots of feathers blowing around in my backseat. 

I should have just painted my toes and called it good.  

Much love, 

Ashlyn Sullivan

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3 thoughts on “I Should Have Just Painted My Toenails. 

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  1. Lmao that’s hilarious! Hey you got your laundry done though, that’s more than I can say.. I’m procrastinating doing that right now by reading blogs

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