Ridiculous Relationship Goals


It seems as though every time I log onto Facebook, twitter, and instagram I am flooded with “relationship goals.” I will admit that I usually open the articles & read through them (but not without at least four eye rolls and five sighs).

I will also admit… that I have let those “relationship goals” effect my own relationship.

My question is why, ladies?! Why are we letting strangers write up a list of their fantasy relationships and then comparing our significant other to them?

Yeah, the lists that people come up with of the “perfect” boyfriend are pretty cool… if we lived in a fairytale. The reality of things is that relationships are hard and not one of us is perfect.

Whenever I read one of the articles describing the “perfect” boyfriend I take a step back and do not seperate the list into two categories anymore. (Things he does do and things he doesn’t) Instead I look at them & laugh. I give myself a reality check that the things listed are usually ridiculous. I also remind myself that I am not the “perfect girlfriend” either.

Let’s quit comparing our relationships to those that we see online. Each one of us is in our own unique relationship. What works for some, won’t work for others.

Let’s talk about some real relationship goals: (I am just making a list, leaving you to apply it however you want.)

1.) Grow together
2.) Learn together & from each other
3.) Have fun together
4.) Know each others love language
5.) Support & encourage one another
6.) Pray for each other
7.) Spend time together, but don’t be attached at the hip
8.) Choose your battles, but some disagreements are healthy.

Let’s just be real here folks, these seem like some real values in a relationship to have… keep that “surprise her at her house with an outfit, flowers, & a time to be ready” crap to the movies. It’s great to have standards, but don’t tear your own relationship apart because it doesn’t match what you see in the media.

Peace out girl scouts,

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3 thoughts on “Ridiculous Relationship Goals

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  1. That is sweet. I’m sorry for your bad experiences that I read on Facebook. This eolrd is full of corruptors. Interracial couples help build America.

    Best of luck to you both

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