13 Things I Want My Younger Sister To Know

Man, I always wished I had an older sibling to give me advice or to look up to so I try to do the same for mine. Here’s what I want my sister to know:

1.) You are loved. It’s totally natural for siblings to fight. Especially with an age gap between us. However, I want you to know that you are loved. Always. No matter what.

2.) You are always welcomed in my home. Life gets busy, but don’t ever think that I am too busy for you. You are always welcome to come have a sleepover with me or stop by for lunch. My house is an open door to you and your friends, always.

3.) I am proud of you. You are beautiful, brilliant, & kind. You have a good head on your shoulders. You’re compassionate & funny. Even though I am older, I look up to you.

4.) A phone call goes a long way. Call me. I miss hearing your voice sometimes. Call your family, some day they won’t be here. Call your friends, they are never guranteed a tomorrow.

5.) You’re dreams are never silly. Go for them. Some people will try to distract you or hold you back. Be strong minded & passionate. Set goals. You’re brilliant & you can achieve whatever you put your mind to. With determination and motivation you can do anything. (& sometimes it will take a little redbull)

6.) Boys are dumb. Yes, boys are dumb at your age (& sometimes boys are dumb their whole life.) Don’t waste your time on anyone who treats you less than the princess that you are. live your life & do the things you love. You’re young, have fun! (But please be smart) Some day your prince will come along and will think you’re the greatest thing to walk the earth.. wait patiently for that man & never settle for anything ANYTHING less. (Pray for your future husband)

7.) Experience new things, but use common sense. Please. Please. For the love of God PLEASE USE COMMON SENSE. Don’t take drinks from strangers at a party. Don’t do drugs. Don’t send nudes. Don’t drink and drive or get in the car with someone who has. Don’t sleep around. Don’t try and do things to be “cool.” (Ps. If you have ever been drinking and need a ride home CALL ME.)

8.) I am on your side. As your sister I will always be on your side, but don’t do anything to ever make me question your honesty, respect, & integrity.

9.) Trust in God. He has already written your story, don’t try to interfere. He always answers prayers, although his answers may not be what you wanted. Life will test your faith at times, always remember to lean on Him.

10.) You’re beautiful. You’re stunning. Your smile lights up the room. Never compromise your outer beauty though by having an ugly heart. But most importantly, live confidently in the way you look because you were beautifully made in God’s image.

11.) When life gets stressful, take a nap. Chances are you’ll wale up with a clear mind & be more relaxed. (Or ya know, call me ;))

12.) Don’t gossip to everyone. The saying “What Sally says about Susan says more about Sally” is soooo true. Don’t share your business with everyone & definitely don’t tell other people’s business for them.

13.) Atention isn’t everything. 10 years from now no one is going to remember how many retweets, likes, or favorites you got on your social media accounts.. but they will remember what kind of person you were. Don’t risk your dignity and respect for some attention.


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