You’re Not Cute.

Another rant too long for a Facebook status.

Every day it seems as if I scroll through my timeline of facebook, twitter, & instagram and catch myself saying “that’s not cute” in my head.

No, I am not talking about looks.

I am talking about attitudes, modesty, & lifestyles.

For example: saw this on Facebook this morning. (Which resulted in an unfriending)


(Edited to save this persons identity in case they want to pull their head out of their ass and have some respect for women some day in the future.)

YOU’RE NOT CUTE. Wtf is wrong with men like this? They think it’s so cute to be a player and manipulate women. They think they’ll gain little “brownie points” or whatever with their “bros.”

Word to you boys who think it’s cute, cool, or funny to make women sex objects. You may seem cool to your fellow bros.. but in my eyes (& a majority of other people with a working brain) you are nothing but a disrespectful low life.

What I found to be even more sad is that 6 out of the 10 likes he got on that status were females. LADIES!! WHAT IN THE HELL!? No one needs attention that badly. Respect yourself! You know what kind of “man” posts statuses like that? A little boy that wants you for a night only for your body and then doesn’t return your calls the next day & refers to you as a “hoe” to all of his bros.


Next up, YOU’RE NOT CUTE.  Women, modest is hottest. Quit showing all your goodies to everyone. What happens when you apply to a school, apply for a scholarship, or apply for a job and this is what they see when they search your social media accounts? Gurantee you will be denied unless you’re applying for a stripper position.

What is the point of this? To get more likes or gain more followers? Honey, pictures like these only attract all the wrong kinds of men. Be the kind of person you want to attract.

I am tired of seeing women post pictures with all their goodies hanging out thinking they are cute & then getting upset when guys don’t respect them. Well, DUH! How can a man respect you if you cannot even respect yourself first!? You are wonderfully made in God’s image, quit tarnishing what he gave you.

Next up:
Search the term “#WhiteGods” on your twitter and prepare to be disgusted. This goes out to ya’ll who think it is cute to fetishize another race. Tweeting things like “black men are angels sent from God” or “I love me some chocolate” with a picture of a black guy along with it, and vice versa with any race is INCREDIBLY annoying af. Quit seeking attention, again you’ll only attract the wrong kind of people. I see 15 year old girls tweeting crap like this because they think it seems “sexy” or whatever goes through their head. If your attracted to a specific race you definitely don’t need a hashtag for it unless you’re looking for a one night stand. Love people for people, geeeezus.


To all you little teeny boppers  out there in middle school and high school quit posting provocative pictures of yourself in your sports bras and booty shorts rolled up soooo far that your ass cheeks are hanging out with the caption “just got done working out.” We all know you’re just needing attention. You want guys to notice your booty.. not that you’re working out and living a healthy lifestyle. For you that’s just an excuse to post a revealing selfie. YOU’RE NOT CUTE. You’re going to have old perverse men looking at your pictures, your family sees it, & men won’t respect you.. you’re making yourself into a sex object.

Went off on a little tangent here, but let’s be real folks. You’re not cute, you’re seeking attention. What is cute is showing yourself doing things you love, talking about your passions and things that matter.. not how drunk you got last Friday and who you had sex with on Tuesday. Cute is not showing off your body is provocative ways to get some extra followers and likes on a picture. Cute is not worshipping or fetishizing another race.

Have some respect for yourselves ya’ll.

Until next time,


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