I Met A Homeless Man Today

I met a homeless man today. I was coming out of the DAV with my friend Charith. We were so excited to find a bargain on some really good books. We came out laughing and as I went to unlock my slugbug, a man approached me.

“Could you help me buy a sandwich?”

I looked up and saw a skinny, older, homeless man. He kept his distance, as if he was proving himself to not be intimidating or scary. I immediately responded with “I’m sorry, I don’t have cash” and right before I went to hop into my car a little voice popped in my head “What if this was you someday, Ashlyn? A friend? A family member? What would God want you to do?”

And so I shut my door, looked up at the man and smiled and replied “but I do have a debit card!” Holding my pepper spray in my hand I walked into dollar general with the man and told him he could get whatever he wanted. I was appalled. All he really did want was a sandwich. Unfortunately he had to settle with some lunchables because the sandwiches all had to be microwaved. I offered him some chips, which he reluctantly picked out. We got to the counter and I offered him something to drink as well but he said he would be okay.

I paid for his items and turned around to find he was gone. Confused, I went outside where he was standing. I think he was embarrassed, which really broke my heart. I didn’t want to make a big deal about it, but looking back I wish I would have prayed with him. I could tell he needed it, but my own pride interfered.

So I ask you all, please keep this anonymous, gracious man in your prayers. The weather is cold, and now as I lay in my bed surrounded by my animals and fuzzy blankets, with a full belly and a roof over my head, I cannot get his face out of my mind. > I take too much for granted in this life. Today, this man unknowingly changed my life.

Be kind to others ya’ll, someday you may be in their shoes.


5 thoughts on “I Met A Homeless Man Today

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  1. What a lovely, insightful, compassionate post. I too am uncomfortable in the face of a homeless person, but your story reminded me of the time my ex-husband was homeless. He was an alcoholic and declining fast. I used to wonder if anyone would SEE him out there – and how could they know that he was a real person that he had been a psychiatric nurse with a big heart, that he was funny and loved the forest.

  2. The world would be so much better if others would spread love & kindness as you have. I try to share something every day even if it’s just a smile and a little happiness!

  3. The world needs more love and light like you. What a kind, compassionate gesture. I’m sorry it didn’t work out the way you intended, but your heart was there. That’s what counts.

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