I’m Not Going To School For An Education

Last night my professor started out class by saying “I’m sure none of you are here because you wanted to take this class for fun. I am also pretty sure that none of you are taking this class just to learn something new, but instead because it is required of you.”

I tend to overthink things and immediately started scribbling down my thoughts in my notebook as he passed around the syllabus to his course. After doing so, I realized.. He was right. I am not taking his class because I want to learn something new. I am taking his class because it is another stepping stone on the path to graduation. I am taking his class because I want my degree. I am taking his class because when I graduate I want a career.

It really got me thinking about why I am in college and the way that college is portrayed in today’s society.

I am going to college to land my dream job. I am going to college with the hope that I’ll make more money with a degree under my belt. I am going to college to gain life experiences. I am going to college to better my chances of becoming successful. Is that bad? No.

But what if college no longer guarantees any of the reasons why I am going to school? What happens when I graduate and I have just been bottle fed useless information from a textbook, just like I was in high school? What happens when I cannot get a job in my career field because the economy sucks and there just isn’t enough funds to adequately staff new graduate with little to no experience in their field of study?


I work with several people at my current job who are working two jobs after graduating because they can’t find a job in the career field that they just spent four years and thousands of dollars working for. How scary is that? It almost makes you want to say “forget it” and drop out. No worries, mom! I am staying in school. 🙂

Anyways, before I keep rambling on about how scared of the future I am..

This year I am making a new goal for myself. If I am going to be dishing out thousands of dollars every semester, then I am going to make the most of it. I am going to dive deeper into my books. I am going to educate myself on a multitude of subjects. I will become well – rounded, and well – informed. I want to rise to the top. I am going to focus less on “just passing the class” and more on succeeding.

I want to make college more about learning, and growing as a person, and less about whether or not I can fall into a career afterward.

Knowledge is power, right?


7 thoughts on “I’m Not Going To School For An Education

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  1. Love this post. As a university professor, I teach several required, upper division classes, one in particular that students utterly dread. While I do get a few people who say they are there to learn, most admit that they are only taking the class because they have to in order to graduate. I wish more students would even consider using the time like you are!

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