Tonsillectomy: Home Stretch

Phew. I made it guys. I lived. I survived tonsillectomy 2015. Sunday night I saw no light at the end of the tunnel, but now I am here.

I definitely wouldn’t have made it through this without the help of all my family. Especially my mother & grandpa. They’re seriously heroes.

On Monday I switched from narcotic pain medication to liquid baby Tylenol and ibuprofen. In doing so, I seriously think I saved my life. (Only being slightly dramatic here) Mama’s know best & turns out I was allergic to my pain meds that the doctors prescribed. (My mom called it on like day 3, but the doctor was like oh no…it’s normal) I also iced my neck this night, which felt heavenly.


Anyways I had set goals for myself over the past couple of days to make it to where I could go back to my own apartment by friday. BUT I MADE IT HOME LAST NIGHT!

Wednesday I didn’t take any pain medication at all until about 5 o’clock (after I made a dillions trip all by myself)

So now, I’m reporting to you live from my own bed on Thursday morning. This has been an awful ride, but I’m so excited to be feeling much better! 🙂

My animals all missed me, & missed them so here’s some cute pictures of me snuggling them.





Thank you to everyone who has prayed for me over the past week and a half. Much love!


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