Tonsillectomy: Day 5 – 7

*insert random cuss words here*
The past few days have been absolutely AWFUL. So awful that on several different occasions I was considering how much it would cost to hire a hit man to come and finish me off. (Keep in mind I was also on narcotic pain meds & they make you have some crazy thoughts)

Okay, so Day 5:
My grandpa came up to spend the weekend with us kids since my parents left for Vegas. I was feeling really good Friday morning and ventured to my apartment (with my grandpa driving me, of course.) Although my apartment just made me frustrated because I couldn’t do anything there because I was so tired and weak. Then we went and got honey dew boba tea from boba zone.. thinking I could drink it. (LOL AT MY THOUGHT PROCESS BECAUSE I WASTED FOUR DOLLARS ON HOT MILK TEA THAT I THREW UP 3 HOURS LATER)
I had some mashed potatoes this day (if you count two spoonfuls) & the rest of the day I was pretty dang miserable and regretted ever leaving the couch.
Pain scale: 9/10

Day 6:
This day was horrible all day long. Except grandma came up so that was nice! 🙂

This day ended with me puking blood and and getting a lovely little trip to the ER. I had to go to the ER and I am so thankful I did. They gave me fluids, anti nausea, and pain meds through an IV. I was extremely dehydrated. When they had me pee in a cup my pee was almost a rusty color (yuck).

It was very frustrating not being able to talk to the doctors and tell them what was wrong, but my grandpa was a lifesaver and my app that talks for me helped a little. After two rounds of fluids and medicine I was ready to go home and I got some good sleep.

Day 7
THIS WAS ONE OF THE WORST DAYS OF MY LIFE. I didn’t feel good all day, however, around 5:30 I got extremely cold. So cold I had 4 blankets on and was still shivering. I tried to just go to sleep but then my muscles all started cramping up. I asked my grandpa for a heating pad but nothing was helping. Next thing I knew I was bawling and my grandpa was hugging me. (He is such a good grandpa) He took my temp. every 15 minutes and it almost got to 102 and then I started puking again with traces of blood in it. (Just from my scabs) we decided to go back to the ER.

On my way to the ER i was in so much pain that I was just sitting there praying (in between puking) for God to just take me now if he was going to and to please quit prolonging my suffering. Im sure some of that was the drugs, but I was in some serious pain. At the ER my nurse was so rude. I’m not gonna sit here and type about how rude she was, buy I definitely left never wanting to see her again.

My boyfriend came and saw me in the ER and my grandpa sneaked me some sprite. After a couple of hours I was released even though I wanted to be admitted.

Pain scale:29/10


5 thoughts on “Tonsillectomy: Day 5 – 7

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  1. Hey! I stumbled across your blog after seeing a post on Facebook about you and your boyfriend. I just happen to be getting my tonsils out next week, and found your posts extremely helpful. I’m already nervous about the pain, and only took two days off of work. :/ Anyway, wishing you a speedy recovery.

    Take care!

    1. Oh hun! Call your work now.. you’ll need more than two days. I hope you recover fast with no complications! Many people only think this is a minor surgery, when in reality it is not. Glad I could help you though!

  2. Take a week off work. Ashlyn’s op sounded really bad, it isn’t always that extreme. But adults don’t handle it as well as kids, that’s for real. Im a peri-operative nurse, and also 2 of my kids had tonsillectomies, one at 4 years, one at 22 years.

  3. Hi Ashlyn 🙂 I hope that you have a fast recovery and that you can leave the hospital soon! I can’t imagine what a whole week of intense pain must have been like!
    P.s. I love your blog posts, especially the one about your boyfriend! Keep it up 🙂

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