Tonsillectomy: Surgery Day


I have had a lot of time on my hands the past few days & I just recently (thanks to my mom) found blogs on here about people’s tonsillectomy experiences. Is it weird that reading other people’s horror stories help make me feel better? I sure hope not. Anywho, this blog is mostly for myself & if anyone ever gets their tonsils out and stumbles across it, who knows, maybe they’ll be weird like me & it’ll help them by knowing they’re not the only ones who feel like they’re dying a slow, painful death.


I arrived at the hospital on Monday morning. I signed in with my mom & boyfriend and we sat in the waiting room for only about 20 minutes before calling me back to change into my gown. 


(My boyfriend & I in the waiting room playing fun run 2)

After peeing into a cup, taking my piercings out, & getting into my gown, the nurse led me to a bed where she would insert my IV. Now, if you don’t know me.. you wouldn’t know just how absolutely terrified I am of IV’s. I immediately started holding my breath and shaking like a scared little puppy dog.

The nurse noticed that I was nervous and asked if I wanted a shot to numb the feeling of the IV before giving it to me. This nurse was seriously so magical. I have never even heard of that shot! It helped so much, I didn’t even care that she didn’t get the IV in on the first try.

After getting the IV she even wrapped my hand up for me so I wouldn’t have to look at it. I wish I knew that nurses name because she was seriously a Godsend.


After getting my IV situated they allowed my mom and boyfriend back into my xlittle cubicle of a room to be with me until they wheeled me back. I was in this room for, what felt like, eternity. I kept shaking because I was super nervous.. but it definitely helped having two of my favorite people back there with me.

While back there lots of doctors came back to talk to me about the procedure and answer any questions I had. Then, my favorite doctor of all came back, the anitheesiast. The last thing I remember in this room was the doctor telling my mom and boyfriend to say their goodbyes.



They gave me calming drugs and put a hair net on me, but I don’t really remember this. My mom said I was laughing hysterically & that no one could figure out what was so funny. Apparently I laughed so hard I cried all the way back to the operating room. Once in the operating room they switched me onto the operating bed and I remember telling the male doctor not to look at my butt because it was peeking out of my gown & then it was lights out.

If you’ve never been under anesthesia.. Omg it’s seriously the best sleep of your entire life. I wish I could be back under right now.. instead of writing this post at 2:42 AM because sleep is just out of the question at the moment.


According to my mom my surgery only lasted about 30 minutes, but then I was in phase 1 recovery for almost an hour. The picture above is from when I was in phase 2 and my mom and boyfriend were allowed to come back and see me. Apparently I was really nauseous and asked for “puke bags” and then proceeded to announce that I was a bug while holding them up to my eyes. Aren’t drugs great? I guess I was also announcing to everyone that I forgot how to cough. But other than that I guess I was pretty boring for just having came out of surgery.

After I got a little bit of apple juice and sprite down the doctors wheeled me out to my mom’s car, where I slept the whole way home. I wish I would’ve known then how little sleep I’d be getting over the next few days because I would have taken way better advantage of how extremely sleepy and pain free I felt.



I’ll do day 1-2 later.

Like I said, this post is mainly for me. Kinda like a little virtual diary entry/scrapbook to look back on. But who knows, maybe there is some other fellow weirdos out there that like to read this kind of stuff as they go through it to.

– Ashlyn Sullivan


9 thoughts on “Tonsillectomy: Surgery Day

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  1. Hey! Found this post as your post about the drunk idiots in your work being racist is doing the rounds on facebook! (Well done) anyway……. Omg! I had my tonsils out 5 years ago I was 26 and it was the worst pain in the world (and I’ve even had 2 babies) I totally know how you’re feeling and if it makes you feel any better I actually got an infection at about day 5 and it was horrendous, I went to ED and they didn’t even need to see my throat to know I had an infection the smell was that bad hahaha , hilariously gross now but at the time I thought I was actually going to die!!! Hope you are feeling better now and on the recover road! Take it easy ……..!
    Jess , wales (uk) x

  2. Ok I’ll try again! I totally know how you feel, I had mine out 5 years ago aged 26 and I actually thought I was dying , the pain was horrendous and I’ve even had 2 babies!!! But I’m glad I had it done now , tonsillitis is history 👍😂 hope you’re recovering well and didn’t get a disgustung infection like I did lol!! Btw I found your blog on fb, your blood about the drunk racist idiots in your work is doing the rounds on fb (well done)!
    Jess, wales(uk)

    1. Haha, it’s because I have it set to where I have to approve comments before they are posted now! (After all the horrid comments I got on my other post)

      I truly do feel like I’m dying. When did you start to get better? What helped you?

      1. Haha now I look stupid lol!! God it must have been about 8-9 days later, I had antibiotics, stronger pain killers and strong anti inflammatories. Might be worth you having it checked for an infection. I really know how you feel but it will be worth it 🙂 xxx

  3. Hi, I just had my tonsilectomy yesterday morning, I haven’t drunk or eaten anything since as it is way too painful. I hope you’re less misearable than I am :)) hugs from one patient to another

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