World Rat Day 2014

Happy world rat day from my little fluff balls to yours!

Today my rats are getting spoiled. I cleaned out their cage and rearranged it for them, am giving them some extra lovin, and a day filled with their favorite foods.


Oliver enjoying his breakfast. Mac & cheese with broccoli.

I also thought today would be a good day to do an update on my little furbabies.

Scarlett: I have had Scarlett for almost 7 weeks now so she’s almost 9 weeks old. She’s doing great and getting so big! I think I shouldve named her spazz though.. She never holds still! She loves to explore.  I will often let her roam free around my room because that’s her favorite thing to do, & whenever she’d done she comes and finds me. 🙂 it’s so cute. Her favorite foods are peas, mac and cheese, broccoli, & she will go CRAZY for some soy milk.  She’s the only one of my rats who will sit on my shoulder while I do homework or small chores around the dorm. She’s my only girl rat, & she’s albino.


Oliver: I am not sure how old Oliver is because I got him from petco. I do know he I under 6 months though. Oliver is soooo beautiful. He has a shiny silver coat that shimmers, with a little white stripe on his tummy and white “boots” on his paws. He’s my calm one.  Oliver doesn’t really like to get out and explore like Scarlett. He loves to sleep & be held. His favorite foods are peas & yogi treats. (The strawberry ones and the cheese ones.) I’ve had him for two weeks and he gets along great with my other babies. He tends to be the peace keeper and acts as a big brother to my younger two. I’ll often find him snuggled up with the other rats.


Copper: Copper is about to turn 6 weeks old. He’s my little baby. He’s super hyper and always wakes the other two rats up to play. He likes to Juno on their backs and lick them until they’ll chase him.  He loves peas, yogis, & dog treats. I can’t wait to see what kind of personality he will have once he gets bigger!


And of course some more rat pictures.




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