#30DaysOfHappiness: Day 16 & 17

Smiles from the past two days:

1) I got my tongue pierced. This was the easiest piercing I have ever gotten! I went to stray cat tattoos here in Manhattan, KS. The piercer there,  John, is absolutely AMAZING at what he does. I was really nervous and he calmed me down by making me laugh a bunch. He really took his time to find just the right spot that would look best and be the most beneficial to me. He was also very sanitary, which is a big plus! He made me gargle with listerine, salt water, & used neosporin. (Which tastes terrible btw) first he dried off my tongue, then marked a spot with ink, held my tongue still with clamps,  & the next thing I knew he said “Hard part is over” and popped the ring through. EASYPEEZY! I was completely shocked at how fast it went and how little it hurt. Honestly, if you’re thinking of getting your tongue pierced. DO IT!


2) I enjoyed eating traditional Arabic food in the basement of my dorm with some friends of mine who are foreign exchange students. I love learning about other people’s cultures. They’ve really opened my eyes to so much this semester and I will eternally be grateful for that.


3) I slept 11 hours on wednesday night & it was beautiful.

4) I took a 3 hour nap today after work & it was also beautiful.


5) I used tanning lotion and so now I’m nice and tan.

6) I forced my rats to cuddle with me today.


7) I am getting better at morning yoga.


8) I had a nice talk with a student who came into my office at work. I love it when people are happy, & when I can help make them a little bit happier then I feel blessed.

9) *knock on wood* I haven’t had very much homework this week.


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