#CouldYouNot: A response to today’s “Daily Prompt”

Today the daily post, wich you can click on here -> http://wordpress.com/read/post/id/489937/71980/, has asked us what makes us tick.

I was trying to narrow down just one thing that makes me go kaboom and instantly get irritated.. But then realized there are actually quite a few…

Here are my top pet peeves:

NUMBER ONE: I really really really cannot stand hearing other people chew. This doesn’t include chips, or cereal, or anyhting crunchy. I don’t mind that. I am talking about when people chew with their mouth open and I can hear their spit in there mouth. It makes me feel so disgusted and I get so annoyed. CLOSE YOUR MOUTH WHEN YOU EAT!


NUMBER THREE: When someone clearly sees that I am walking behind them and they just let the door slam in my face. I don’t care if you’re a boy or a girl.. When you see someone walking in behind you hold the damn door open! I feel like I am one of the only people that still participates in this common courtesy.


NUMERO THREE: I can’t stand people who don’t tip correctly.. or are in any shape or form rude to waitresses. We are some hardworkers, don’t belittle us. I have a whole blog on #waitressprobs here -> https://ashlynsully.wordpress.com/2014/02/18/waitressprobs/



NUMBER FOUR: When people think that they are a model…but they aren’t. Paying for your friend to take pictures of you so she can claim herself as a photographer doesn’t make you a model. & please do not post EVERY SINGLE PICTURE that you got done to instagram.. that will result in an immediate unfollow.


NUMBER FIVE: When people disagree with everything that you say just because they like to argue.


NUMBER SIX: When someone puts all their drama on facebook/instagram/twitter..etc  and always thinks that everyone is out to get them. The “why me” posts, or the “everyone hates me I should just run away”. Or the never ending rants about how much that persons hates someone else.. Or just posting all the negative things in their life on a daily basis for attention. Know what belongs on facebook and what doesn’t. Calling someone out and posting statuses about how much you hate someone and name calling/subtweeting just makes you look trashy and annoyinh af.


NUMBER SEVEN: Slow walkers


NUMBER EIGHT: When people are always late.


NUMBER NINE: People who have to constantly advertise how “different” or “cool” they are. No. This also goes along with people who think they are cool just because they drink or do drugs and constantly brag about it. STOP. Or people who boast about how much money their parents have… ugh.


NUMBER TEN: When people talk smack about my animals. Yes they are weird, yes they aren’t what a lot of people would choose for a pet. However, they are my babies and I love all animals




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