Meet Scarlett

Yesterday I had bought two baby rats to feed to our two baby snakes just like any other week. I brought them home, put each snake in it’s own separate cardboard box and dropped the rats in. It was no big deal, and by that I mean I hadn’t started crying yet from heartbreak, until Athena wouldn’t eat.

Athena is my only snake, the other one is named Apollo and is my roommate’s, she tends to think she is a puppy most of the time. That usually only changes during feeding time. I have encountered small problems with getting her to eat before but it is usually due to shedding, the winter time, or because she is a spoiled little brat and wouldn’t eat frozen mice anymore that I could just thaw out. Well, last night when I went to feed Athena she wouldn’t even sniff the rat. Instead, she acted scared and kept backing away from it. *sigh* See what I mean? This snake has no idea that she’s a snake.. I actually had to intervene because at one point I thought that the rat was going to bite Athena… We’re working on that though. 😉

Anyways, I took the rat out of the cage and put Athena back in hers. The baby rat smelled TERRIBLE and was covered head to toe in pee and poop.. YUCK! So, me being the little animal caretaker that I am.. I gave it a bath. Image

My intention was to just make sure the rat didn’t stink up my room and because I felt bad for it… But then I was drying it off and it smelled like roses.. and I started crying.

I was fine for a little bit longer, ended up swaddling the baby rat into a warm towel because I found this to be the only way she wouldn’t cry…


….. and then I started crying.. because HOW CUTE IS THAT!?

and then I started crying again… because it scratched it’s nose and it was so stinkin’ cute. That’s when I realized.. uh-oh.. I have a new pet.

So since then I have been feeding her warm milk with an eye dropper every two hours, rubbing her tummy afterwards with a wet q-tip to simulate her mom’s tongue cleaning her up after her meal, and cuddling her.. lots. Image

Good morning little Scarlett.

– Ashlyn


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  1. Good for you! I know snakes have their place in the grand scheme of things, but I would find it impossible to keep a pet that had to eat other animals in my house o.O That baby ratty looks so helpless and adorable! I’m sure you’ll find she makes a very sweet pet… but please get her another female ratty as a friend if you’re going to keep her. Rats are very social and don’t do well on their own 🙂

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